Help – I don’t have a sermon!

Tweet One of the difficulties a pastor often has is developing the next sermon series. Whether you preach book-by-book or topic-by-topic (in a series), you are not always sure where to go next – and worse, you do not always have a place to go next. I have been on both ends of the spectrum. […]

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Write Good Emails


Tweet Email is a part of life. It is no longer new technology. Chances are you received dozens (if not more) everyday. Consider these email statistics: Statistics, extrapolations and counting by Radicati Group from April 2010 estimate the number of emails sent per day (in 2010) to be around 294 billion.294 billion messages per day […]

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Will You Preach this Way in 20 Years?


Tweet I recently ran across this video when someone in my network put it on twitter. I have to admit it is one of the most fascinating 4 minute video’s I’ve seen. Here is a great question for you to consider – would this be an effective preaching / delivery method? I’d love to hear […]

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This Is Your Brain On Gadgets. Any Questions?


Tweet What is your gadget doing to your brain? The gadget strapped to your belt right now (or the one that may be delivering this content to you right now) may actually be a tool of un-productivity as opposed to productivity. In this incredbily informative podcast offered by, er, um… (shall we say it?)… NPR, […]

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Dr. Tony Evans On Expository Preaching [Video]

Tweet Smith interviews Dr. Tony Evans on his commitment to expository preaching.  He discusses his personal mindset in both study and in delivery of sermons as well as why expository preaching is so needed in the church today.  This is 2 minutes of pure gold.  Enjoy the video!

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Sermonators Ep 9 | 5 Big Distractions in Sermon Delivery

fly is open

Tweet If we’re preaching the Most Important Message Of All, then it’s a tragic irony if the preacher is the biggest distraction from it’s contents.  In this episode, Smith & Southerland discuss the 5 big (very common) distractions preachers commit when delivering a message. Episode 9 Download Will you confess your own (past or present) […]

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Research Shows Pastors are Overworked


Tweet New Lifeway research shows that Pastors are severely overworked. It is to the point that many Pastors spend little to no time in prayer or personal spiritual disciplines. How can we lead the flock God has given us if we are running on EMPTY?? I don’t know if you make New Year’s Resolutions or […]

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Church Preaching – Shotgun Fire Makes No Significant Hits


Tweet posted by Scott Newton Smith You’ll rarely hear me preach a sermon aimed at the entire congregation. I know that may be confusing so here’s what I mean… I mean sermons that might be titled “3 Signs of A Healthy Church” or “The Main Job of The Local Church.” I’ve learned over time that […]

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The Procrastinating Preacher


Tweet by Joel Southerland Preachers can be the worst procrastinators around. We have all these tasks that need to be done and there are notes and scribbles and mental To-Do lists everywhere of things we need to do . . . . eventually! When we live in that constant state of procrastination it is extremely […]

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Connecting is Crucial in Effective Preaching

Connect while preaching

Tweet by Joel Southerland John Maxwell is set to release a new book entitled Everyone Communicates, Few Connect very soon. I was able to read an excerpt from the book before its release. The opening paragraph of chapter 1 says it all: “According to experts, people are bombarded with 35,000 messages a day. Everywhere we […]

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